The Bebop is a USVI floating lounge just 10 minutes by boat from Red Hook serving lunch and afternoon snacks.

    *artist rendering, not final design.


The Bebop is planning a floating lounge in Pillsbury Sound between Mingo Cay and Grass Cay. This floating lounge will be on a vessel which is secured by two moorings, each using a three-point mooring system. The vessel will be a 40’ x 110’ two-level-barge. The restaurant will be high-end, but not snobby or exclusive.



The USVI has a paucity of water-based attractions for term and day charters in the St. Thomas and St. John area.


Historically, the USVI has ceded this type of water-based attraction to the BVI, with its long history of water-based tourism for term and day charters.


The BVI has raised its entry taxes and fees dramatically, opening the market for the USVI to keep its term and day charter business local.

  • Restaurant serving lunch and afternoon snacks (primarily vegetarian featuring local fare)
  • Full bar featuring local alcohol
  • Use of eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable take-out containers
  • Upper and lower level seating areas
  • Shade on upper level provided by stretched fabric, allowing for open air feel and breeze
  • Seating combination of tables for eating and daybeds for lounging
  • Approximately eight additional mooring balls for guests’ boats
  • Dinghy dock on vessel
  • Anticipated 10-20 created hospitality positions filled locally
  • Day and term charter destination in Pillsbury Sound will keep tourism in the USVI
  • All provisioning and support to be provided by vendors in St. Thomas
  • Unique tourist destination that will attract greater interest in the USVI as a Caribbean destination
  • Vessel will be powered primarily by solar panels with a back-up generator
  • Water used on-board will be fresh water
  • Support boat will provide propane and fresh water, and remove gray and black water and garbage to St. Thomas
  • Vessel will be fully compliant with Coast Guard regulations for fire suppression, flotation devices and occupancy
  • Jumping off vessel will be prohibited
  • Vessel will be hauled out annually for servicing between August 15 and October 15 as a hurricane plan
  • In the event of unseasonably foul weather, vessel will be stored (draft is only 1.5")
  • Vessel will be equipped with security cameras, alarms and remote monitoring
  • All liquor and valuables will be locked away each night


Download the Minor Permit Application here - [PDF] Minor Permit Application 8.8mb